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August 1-2, 7:00 - 8:30 PM Mountain Time (via Zoom)

Workshop Fee: $25

Lama Gyurme is delighted to be holding an online workshop on the traditional Buddhist art of torma making. Tormas are traditional custom-made food offerings that are offered to the deities, protectors, and nagas in various ritual practices and prayers such as empowerments, retreats and chanted prayers. Representing an offering of great bliss, tormas can range from very simple to exquisitely beautiful.

The workshop will be informal, practical and a lot of fun. It is suitable for everyone, whether you are an experienced practitioner or a complete beginner. So come join us as we learn on August 1 about the rituals for Naga Pujas and August 2 on how to make a Naga torma in a qualified manner in the Mingdroling tradition.

Everyone is welcome.  Supply list will be provided upon registration.


August 3, 7:00 - 8:00 AM Mountain Time (via Zoom)

Join us for an online Naga puja led by Lama Gyurme.  Naga Puja is mainly performed to appease and heal nagas that one may have been offended or injured, or to please nagas that are active in areas where one wishes to live, work or conduct business.


Nagas are one of the eight Lokas, which are names for classes of beings, of which we humans are one. Nagas are owners of Earth and live in springs, ponds, oceans, all places of water, trees, rocks, mountains and under the ground. They are just like humans in that they also experience anger, hate, jealousy, attachment and ignorance. They also have Buddha nature. They exist on different levels like us. Some are enlightened. Some not. They appear in different forms: snake, frog, fish, spider, ants, scorpion, mermaids, turtles, pigs and all who live in the water. They are so close to humans, they even live in our kitchens. They are always with us. They can take human form and also can be without form. They also die. If we treat them kindly, they help us.  They are powerful beings whose abilities include controlling the weather, bringing good fortune and wealth, and enhancing fertility and positivity. Conversely, nagas can also inflict disease, obstacles and natural disasters when displeased.


Human actions, like killing ants, polluting rivers, cutting down trees or cutting limbs off trees and so on, create problems with their realms. When we disturb the Nagas, in these ways,they retaliate and bring unfortunate events. They often cause diseases, like leprosy, skin diseases, arthritis, etc. from their poison and sometimes even bring death. 


When we humans do harm, we have to apologize to them and offer gifts of compassion; substances like red cow’s milk and white goat’s milk, six good medicines, mixed with tormas, and many substances which are healing for them. Each medicine is specific for the harm done.

It is wise to conduct naga pujas and make the traditional offerings of incense and ritual cakes to nagas prior to disturbing the earth for any reason, particularly for construction and development projects. Nagas are very sensitive towards humanity's carelessness, improper conduct in nature and disrespectful actions in relation to the environment. 

The sponsor of the puja should also observe strict vegetarianism one day before and on the day of the puja to cleanse themselves as nagas detest meat and alcohol. If the puja is done correctly, it is said that one's present wealth, fame, health, merits will improve, good weather, resources, peace and prosperity will abound, obstacles and sickness will be eliminated, and one's practices will be accomplished.



  • Illnesses and obstacles caused by nagas can be abated

  • Wealth, fortune and prosperity

  • Peace, happiness and harmony

Naga Tiles available HERE

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