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Avalokiteshvara & Naga Waruna Tile (no color)

Avalokiteshvara & Naga Waruna Tile (no color)


Dimension: 12 x 14 inch

Weight:  10 pounds

Hook on back to hang on wall


This tile shows how to visualize the sadhana where we become Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha  of compassion, and bless all the Nagas. Also the mantra of Akshobhya purifies the Nagas’ negative karma.


You can put the tile in possible places where the Nagas live, in the garden, by or on a fountain; by a well, beside the ocean, next to trees, in your kitchen and so on. Making this offering, may help you and your world, to bring rain, fulfill your aspirations, bring good fortune and protection from the harm of Nagas who have been hurt by our thoughtless and unconscious actions.


This tile will be blessed and consecrated by Lama Gyurme.  This tile can be safely placed outdoors.



Nagas are one of the eight Lokas, which are banes for classes of beings, of which we humans are one. Nagas are owners of Earth and live in springs, ponds, oceans, all places of water, trees, rocks, mountains and under the ground. They are just like humans in that they also experience anger, hate, jealousy, attachment and ignorance. They also have Buddha nature. They exist on different levels like us. Some are enlightened. Some not. They appear in different forms: snake, frog, fish, spider, ants, scorpion, mermaids, turtles, pigs and all who live in the water. They are so close to humans, they even live in our kitchens. They are always with us. They can take human form and also can be without form. They also die. If we treat them kindly, they help us.


They have 9 Kings and Queens and each has citizens in their Queen and Kingdoms. This panel is represents all Nagas, male and female union, called Waruna. Human actions, like killing ants, polluting rivers, cutting down trees or cutting limbs off trees and so on, create problems with their realms. When we disturb the Nagas, in these ways,they retaliate and bring unfortunate events. They often cause diseases, like leprosy, skin diseases, arthritis, etc. from their poison and sometimes even bring death. 


When we humans do harm, we have to apologize to them and offer gifts of compassion; substances like red cow’s milk and white goat’s milk, six good medicines, mixed with tormas, and many substances which are healing for them. Each medicine is specific for the harm done.

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