Tibetan Tiles

The Eight Auspicious Symbols tiles

Parasol (Tib. gdugs)
Representing the crown, and protection from the elements in cream

Golden Fish (Tib. gser nya)
Representing conjugal happiness and freedom in peacock

Treasure Vase (Tib. gter gyi bum pa)
Representing inexhaustible treasure and wealth in lavender

Lotus flower (Tib. pad ma)
Representing purity and enlightenment in yellow mixed color

Conch Shell (Tib. dung dkar)
Representing the thoughts of the Buddha in yellow

Endless Knot (Tib. dpal be’u)
Representing harmony in lavender

Victory Banner (Tib. rgyal mtshan)
Representing a victorious battle in peacock

Wheel (Tib. ‘khor lo)
Representing knowledge in lavender

Snowloin Bird in peaceck